We Care, We Consult, We Mentor!

We help you like no other will in the automotive industry today. We work hard for you, to find a vehicle you will love that will be within your budget! We help and consult people that have good credit as well as the people who don’t have the best of credit and treat you like you should be treated…EQUALLY AND WITH THE RESPECT YOU DESERVE.

All of us including myself have had difficulties in life that have put our credit in certain situations ! We consult you to help make the best decision before EVER running your credit or sending to numerous banks like others do! We Care about what you buy! So if it’s not beneficial to you, and think it’s not the best decision because of price or payment …WE WILL TELL YOU! We want to help you & not put you in a situation that you can’t handle. We also care for our community! We donate per car sold through our website….Everyday… ALL YEAR LONG.

We are mentors and sponsors with  My Community Mentors Inc. and also with Making Strides Against Breast Cancer at Lowery’s Car Consulting. Please visit these pages on Facebook and help us HELP THEM!

Please be patient as Lowery’s Car Consulting is building our website.. please fill out contact form or visit us on Facebook by clicking on links above or below.

It won’t be like long before inventory is on the page. Thank you and look forward to helping!

Cindy & Steve / Lowery’s Car Consulting Founder